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Our Chapter

Since being established as the first women's organization at Texas A&M University 53 years ago in 1970, Omega Phi Alpha has proudly excelled in areas of service, sisterhood, leadership, academics, and membership growth. Through our six pillars of service and sisterhood activities, members often find lifetime friendships and valuable connections for the future. 

sisterhood retreat photo

Our Cardinal Principles


We are an organization that is bonded in friendship through a deep focus and commitment to service. We foster trust, respect, love, and support in our relationships with our sisters and carry that forward into the world through service to others.

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We are dedicated to fostering leadership among all members of the organization so that they are prepared to serve in leadership roles throughout life – in their profession, on community boards, and other opportunities of their choosing. 

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We are committed to creating valuable, meaningful, and impactful opportunities  through six areas of service – the university community, the community at large, the members of the sorority, the nations of the world, mental health, and the annual president’s project.

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Symbols & Traditions

Today's friends, tomorrow's leaders, forever in service

Light Blue, Golden Yellow, Dark Blue

The Chevron and the Bee 

Yellow Rose to symbolize friendship

Coat of Arms:

OPhiA's coat of arms
bid day photo
bid day photo

Mission and Values:

The mission of Omega Phi Alpha Delta Chapter is to develop service-minded leaders that exemplify the Aggie core value of selfless-service.  Our vision is to be an inclusive and diverse provider of lifelong, service-oriented leadership development through a community of dedicated members.


The purpose and goals of this sorority shall be to assemble its members in the fellowship of Omega Phi Alpha, to develop friendship, leadership, and cooperation by promoting service to the university community, to the community at large, to the members of the sorority, and to the nations of the world.

Chapter Award

Our chapter is honored to have received the Silver Seal in the Chapter Excellence Program from Nationals for 2020-21.


The Chapter Excellence Program seal recognizes excellence in chapter management and leadership, as well as consistent involvement in service and sisterhood activities during the year.

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