Delta Chapter

Omega Phi Alpha is a national service sorority that was founded at Texas A&M University in 1970 making us the first women’s organization at Texas A&M!  Sisters of Omega Phi Alpha are committed to its three principles: Friendship, Leadership, and Service.  Each year, Omega Phi Alpha spends thousands of hours doing service for the community which is what often sets us apart from strictly social sororities.  Each semester, sisters plan six different service projects that cater to different areas of service.


The purpose and goals of this sorority shall be to assemble its members in the fellowship of Omega Phi Alpha, to develop friendship, leadership, and cooperation by promoting service to the university community, to the community at large, to the members of the sorority, and to the nations of the world.

National Motto

“Today’s Friends, Tomorrow’s Leaders, Forever in Service”

Cardinal Principles

Friendship, Leadership, and Service

National Mascot

Raggedy Ann, nicknamed “Ophia”
Bumble Bee

National Colors

Dark blue (service), Light blue (friendship), and Golden Yellow (leadership)

National Flower

Yellow rose, which represents friendship


OPA or O-Phi-A

OPA Logos