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Each active member of Omega Phi Alpha joins a committee at the beginning of the semester and collaborates with the respective committee's officer. Members are able to help with brainstorming for new and creative ideas, event planning and preparation, etc.

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recruitment committee

The recruitment committee is led by our membership director and new member educator. This committee does a lot of behind-the-scenes work for recruitment and works hard to ensure the recruitment process runs smoothly.

service committee

The service committee is led by our service co-chairs. This committee focuses on planning over ten service projects each semester in an effort to give back to our community, foster a culture of service in our sorority, and increase member engagement.


social committee

The social committee is led by our social co-chairs. The Social Committee aims encourage member connection and collaboration. Throughout the semester, this committee plans sisterhood retreats, formals & semi-formals, mixers with men's orgs, and socials with other OPA chapters.

philanthropy committee

Our philanthropy chair leads the philanthropy committee. This committee works toward upholding our philanthropy and raising awareness about sexual awareness and abuse to both the members of the sorority and university community.


fundraising committee

Our fundraising chair leads the fundraising committee. The fundraising committee is the backbone of Omega Phi Alpha as they work to bring in the funds that support all the other committees. From profit shares to t-shirt sales, fundraising comes up with fun and unique ways to raise money for our Sorority.

public relations committee

Our PR chair leads the public relations committee. This committee is in charge of our merch! From bid day shirts to sorority crewnecks to annual member shirts to graduation stoles, PR does it all.


social media committee

The social media committee is led by our historian. Social media is a year-round job that is vital for retaining member engagement and attracting new members during recruitment. The social media committee works on making uber-cute recruitment graphics and keeping up the aesthetic on our socials.

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