"Your the Bee's Knees"

Each semester Omega Phi Alpha puts on “You’re the Bees Knees” towards the end of each semester. We are on campus to put a smile
on students faces around finals to brighten there day. Students, Faculity and Community Members a chance to give someone’s name or their own to have a member of Omega Phi Alpha write a letter of encouragement to brighten there day!

Bees Knees

National Permanent Project

Omega Phi Alpha’s National Permanent Project is Mental Health. Mental Health around college campus’ go un-noticed far too often; but mental illness is a part of life, just like physical illness. According to National Data on Campus Suicide and Depression, 1 in every 12 US college students makes a suicide plan and more teenagers and young adults die from suicide than from all other medical illnesses combined. Julia Schroer from the University of Missouri said that “…Even though there might be times where you feel you are one in a million, there are many students going through what you are experiencing.”

Omega Phi Alpha’s goal is to spread awareness; not only to the student body, but also to the surrounding community.

Here is more information on how to receive personal help:
Texas A&M HelpLine: https://scs.tamu.edu/?q=helpline
Crisis Intervention Resources: https://scs.tamu.edu/?q=crisis