Spring 2020 Recruitment is Closed



Any Texas A&M University or BLINN Team student is eligible to join Omega Phi Alpha. You must be in good academic standing with the university in order to pledge.

Don’t worry- pledging is not scary! New membership is a time to get to know your fellow new member class sisters and to learn more about Omega Phi Alpha and its history. Potential new members must fulfill very similar requirements as actives; such as service projects, fundraisers, and social events. Your New Membership lasts a semester, and if all the requirements are completed, you will be activated as a sister of Omega Phi Alpha at the end of your new member semester.

Omega Phi Alpha is a sorority centered around service. We follow many practices of other sororities- we have big sister/little sister, socials, formals, and retreats- but our main focus and commitment is to service. As opposed to other sororities that have two or three large service projects throughout the year, Omega Phi Alpha completes six service projects a semester that benefit various areas of the community, the university, the nation, and the world. Omega Phi Alpha encourages all to apply. If given a bid, a pledge automatically becomes a sister after she completes all of her requirements. Many other sororities at Texas A&M are Panhellenic and part of the Greek system while Omega Phi Alpha is classified as a service organization. We welcome members from all types of student organizations to join Omega Phi Alpha.

Omega Phi Alpha has rush two times a year: during the beginning of the fall and spring semesters. During rush, interested students can learn more about Omega Phi Alpha, meet the active sisters, as well as participate in socials and service events. Rush is free of charge and open to everyone who is interested! Our next rush is for Spring 2019!

Spring Recruitment 2020 is Closed


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