In an attempt to promote friendship and foster stronger bonds among members, we hold social events on a regular basis. Our goal is to create an inclusive environment filled with diverse, strong, and empowered women. Thus, we organize a multitude of social events each month to allow members to interact, create lifelong friendships, and have tons of fun! Check out some of the social events we've held in the past below.

  • hike with new members

    Once we have activation for our new members, we plan a hike with all the new members and actives. This gives everyone a chance to get to know each other, feel connected with their sisters, and explore the outdoors!

  • semi-formal & formal

    Semi-formal and formal are our annual events. We usually have a semi-formal at the end of the fall semester and a formal at the end of the spring semester. Most of our members attend and it's always a lively event with lots of dancing and adorable pictures!

  • valentine's date party

    For valentine's, we have a date party where you can bring your plus one and socialize with other sisters and their dates. And don't worry, we even have a galentine's social for all our single sisters!

  • mixers with men's orgs

    We also partner with other men's orgs and hold mixers for fun holidays like Halloween. In the past, we've had mixers with PBE and ABK.