Our philanthropy focuses on raising awareness for sexual assault and abuse. According to CSA statistics, 20% – 25% of college women and 15% of college men are victims of forced sex during their time in college. We aim to promote resources for victims of sexual assault and abuse and take proactive steps to prevent sexual assault and abuse.

our cardinal principles

  • Omega Phi Alpha prioritizes sisterhood and aims to foster friendships within the organizations. We have a multitude of socials each month from sisterhood retreats to mixers with men's orgs to formals. Our goal is to create a diverse and inclusive environment where members can learn from each other and cultivate stronger bonds.

  • Omega Phi Alpha offers the perfect opportunity to grow as a leader. Whether you are an officer or member, there are plenty of opportunities to step up to the plate and exhibit your skills. From participating in your committee to helping out with event planning to running for officer positions, you will continue to develop your leadership skills.

  • We highly value service. Our chapter is proud to have so many servant-hearted and compassionate members that prioritize service in their everyday lives. We hold over ten service projects a semester that aim to serve the university community, the community at large, the members of the sorority, and the nations of the world. A member favorite in previous years has been the Pulsera Project.

our members

Every year, we carefully pick new members for our pledge class - smart, caring, energetic individuals who will represent our Sorority with pride and exemplary character traits. We are excited to welcome each and every member and are happy to provide endless opportunities for friendship, leadership, and service.

Click here to learn more about how our service projects work and how we serve our community.