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Welcome to the Delta Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha at Texas A&M University. We are a diverse and inclusive sisterhood dedicated to service, growth, and lasting friendships. Here you will find everything you need to know about our chapter from service projects, the recruitment process, and everything in between! 

A Letter From Our President: 

Welcome all to the Delta Chapter of Omega Phi Alpha here at Texas A&M University.


OPhiA is an organization built upon service. Whether it’s giving back to our university, our community, each other, or even nations of the world, we as on organization prioritize service and helping others in any way we can.


The young women who make up OPhiA have selfless hearts and never back down from a challenge. Although service is the priority for our sorority, the friendships and relationships that grow while being apart of this organization are like no other.


When I first applied to Omega Phi Alpha I would’ve never dreamed of meeting so many amazing women. I was a very anxious sophomore and had no idea what to expect, but it was because of the people I met during this process that my love for Omega Phi Alpha grew strong and fast. 

Through compassion, generosity, and friendship Omega Phi Alpha seeks to develop the world leaders of tomorrow. 

It’s because of OPhiA that I was able to give back in ways that I never imagined before and develop the skills to help me be not only a better leader, a better student, a better sister, but a better person. I have been blessed to be part of such a magnificent organization for three years now and hopefully a life time longer.


Joining this sisterhood has allowed me to give back to my community, grow friendships, and develop a sisterhood like nothing else. Joining Omega Phi Alpha is a decision I wouldn’t change for the world!

In ΩΦΑ Love,

Breanne Winn

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