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With Omega Phi Alpha being a National Service Sorority, we prioritize service and organize numerous service projects throughout the year with the spirit and enthusiasm to serve. Keep reading to learn more about service within our Sorority. 

Committed to Six Areas of Service

Our service projects are broken down into six different categories which tackle different areas of service. Each of these six categories is explained below.

University Community

This area of service focuses on projects to help the community located directly around each chapter's school. This may include students, faculty, and staff as well as the school itself.

Nations of the World

This area of service focuses on projects dedicated to the world around us.

Community at Large

This area of service focuses on projects to help the community in general. An example might be the city that a chapter's school is in or a town nearby. These projects can help out local organizations such as a Women's Center or local school.

National President's Project

The national president’s project is selected and announced each year at the convention by the national president. It is a singular honor for the president to direct the service efforts of the members of Omega Phi Alpha across the land.

Members of the Sorority

This area of service focuses on the sisters of the sorority. Projects in the category may include the sisters raising money to cover convention costs, helping another chapter with its recruitment, or actives helping to find lost alumnae.

National Permanent Project

The national Permanent Project of Omega Phi Alpha is mental health. It was designated as such in 1971 at the national convention in Bowling Green, OH. Mental health was the choice because of its broad scope in encompassing many charitable causes.

Service Projects from the Past

Every semester, we organize social media campaigns in relation to our philanthropy. With the goal to raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse, we create infographics, virtual Instagram stories, and share important resources. 

Furthermore, our Sorority raises funds for women's centers and non-profit organizations, such as SARCBV, through Instagram bingo cards. By supporting organizations that focus on helping survivors of sexual assault and abuse, we are able to make a significant impact in aiding their relief efforts.

Our Impact

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