With Omega Phi Alpha being a National Service Sorority, we prioritize service and organize numerous service projects throughout the year with the spirit and enthusiasm to serve. Keep reading to learn more about service within our Sorority. 

our service projects: a breakdown

Our service projects are broken down into six different categories which tackle different areas of service. Each of these six categories is explained below.

university community

This area of service focuses on projects to help the community located directly around each chapter's school. This may include students, faculty, and staff as well as the school itself




nations of the world

This area of service focuses on projects dedicated to the world around us.

community at large

This area of service focuses on projects to help the community in general. An example might be the city that a chapter's school is in or a town nearby. These projects can help out local organizations such as a Women's Center or local school.

national president's project

The national president’s project is selected and announced each year at the convention by the national president. It is a singular honor for the president to direct the service efforts of the members of Omega Phi Alpha across the land.

members of the sorority

This area of service focuses on the sisters of the sorority. Projects in the category may include the sisters raising money to cover convention costs, helping another chapter with its recruitment, or actives helping to find lost alumnae.

national permanent project

The national Permanent Project of Omega Phi Alpha is mental health. It was designated as such in 1971 at the national convention in Bowling Green, OH. Mental health was the choice because of its broad scope in encompassing many charitable causes.

service projects from the past

  • oulsera project

       The Pulsera Project employs nearly 200 Nicaraguan and Guatemalan artists with Fair Trade jobs and sells their artwork through schools in the U.S. The pulsera sales are then invested in many programs that support the artists, their communities, and other organizations focused on enacting social change in Central America. Funds are especially invested in: Fair Trade, Education, Human Rights, Environmental Sustainability, Shelter Support, and Financial Empowerment programs.

       Each year, our Sorority sets up a table in the MSC. Our members volunteer for shifts to sell pulseras or bracelets and raise proceeds to send back to Nicaragua and Guatemala.

  • you're the bees knees

       You're the Bee's Knees is a project we put together every semester to serve the university community and support the national permanent project - mental health.

       You're the Bees Knees involves writing letters of encouragement to students during finals week each semester. We ask students to submit letter requests to send to their friends or family and also ask for a little bit of context on what they're going through. Then, each member of our Sorority is assigned a letter to write based on the requests we received. We are so grateful that we are able to write these letters each semester and bring a little joy and positivity to numerous people during tough times.

       A memorable letter request we received was from a professor during finals week who asked us to write an email to all their students thanking them for being amazing students and wishing them the best for their finals. It was so fulfilling to create a large, positive impact on our university community. 

  • free rice

        Freerice is an educational trivia game that helps you get smarter while making a difference for people around the world. Every question you answer correctly in the game triggers a financial payment to the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world.

       Our members are encouraged to play Free Rice in order to raise personal awareness on issues pertaining to food insecurity and support the WFP financially through the game.

  • feminine care donation drive

       This past year we collaborated with another women's org to collect feminine care products for campus bathrooms. We aimed to tackle women's issues such as period poverty by providing easy accessibility to feminine care products.

       Members were asked to donate essential feminine care products.

  • paint a rock

       Every semster, we come together to paint rocks with motivational and inspirational messages on them. The rocks are then spread around campus in an effort to address the importance of mental health and cultivate an environment of positivity on campus.

       We hope that we were able to brighten a few people's days and spread a little happiness.

  • appreciation emails to professors

       Appreciation emails to professors is a fairly new service project that we've started. During this project, members are encouraged to write an appreciative email to their professors thanking them for all that they do and making a positive impact in their educational careers.
       It's a great and unique way to express gratitude to professors and remind professors that their students are appreciative of their guidance and hard work.