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Interested in becoming a part of Omega Phi Alpha? We would love to meet you during our formal recruitment season! 

Applications are currently closed.
Please check back in the fall!

For questions and concerns about recruitment, please email

Letters from our Membership Directors


     We are beyond excited to extend a heartfelt welcome to you! When we first applied to this sorority, we were filled with a mix of excitement and nervous anticipation. As we met the incredible individuals during this process, our heart quickly found a home with Omega Phi Alpha. Through our shared passion for service, we have the power to impact lives and create positive change. 

     It is an experience that has enriched our college years

and beyond. we’ve made connections that have brought endless laughter, support during challenges, and a sense of unconditional acceptance. We have discovered a second family within our sisterhood, and we know that the same awaits you.

For those of you considering our sorority, we

encourage you to embrace this journey with an open heart

and an open mind. Take the chance to meet new people, step out of your comfort zone, and discover the incredible potential within you! Omega Phi Alpha values diversity and individuality, and we cherish the unique qualities that each member brings to our sisterhood.

     We are grateful to have taken a leap into this sorority, and it has led us to a world of opportunities and cherished friendships. Now, it’s your turn to take the leap and explore the wonderful journey that Omega Phi Alpha has in store for you. We, along with the rest of our sisterhood, cannot wait to welcome you with open arms and open hearts. Together, we will create memories that will last a lifetime and support each other through the highs and lows of college life and beyond.


 Love, Your Membership Directors

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