We are so happy about your interest in becoming a part of Omega Phi Alpha. We look forward to meeting all potential members during formal recruitment. To learn more about our process, check out the information provided below. We're so excited to get to know you!

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Fall '22 Application

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Dear Potential New Members,


         My Name is Jordan Diaz, and I am so excited to introduce myself as Omega Phi Alpha’s membership director chair for the 2022-2023 year. I can guarantee you going through recruitment will be one of the best times of your life. 

          Although being a freshman on campus and whether you have been an Aggie for a while or are an incoming Aggie seeing all these unfamiliar faces can seem intimidating, but you will never have that fear with Omega Phi Alpha. Recruitment may seem fast paced and confusing but if you find those girls that make you feel at ease and at home it will be like time is going so slow. I highly encourage you to take everything in and enjoy every moment with your future best friends. I hope you all fall in love with Omega Phi Alpha just as much as I did. Counting down the days till I see you all! Truly, so excited!

                            Jordan Diaz '25

Meet Your Recruitment Team


Dear PNMs, 

          Hello future friends! My name is Breanne Winn, and I am thrilled to be Omega Phi Alpha's current new member educator. When I applied to this sorority, I was very anxious and had no idea what to expect, but because of the people I met during this process, my love for Omega Phi Alpha grew solid and fast. Joining this sisterhood has allowed me to give back to my community, cultivate friendships, and develop a sisterhood like nothing else. It is a decision I would not change for the world! If you are thinking of going through the recruitment process, DO IT!
         OPA has made me feel loved, and included. It has given me a second family and has let me meet so many girls that I cannot imagine myself without now. I cannot encourage you enough to apply. If I have any advice to give it is this; Do not be afraid to meet new friends! Have confidence in your beautiful self and enjoy every second of it because trust me, it will go fast. OPA was the best decision I could have made and, hopefully, one you will make too! 

                                      Love,                                                                                   Breanne                                                               (a former anxious PNM)


The Recruitment Process

Every year, we carefully pick new members for our pledge class - smart, caring, energetic individuals who will represent our Sorority with pride and exemplary character traits. We are excited to welcome each and every member and are happy to provide endless opportunities for friendship, leadership, and service.