our philanthropy

Our philanthropy focuses on raising awareness for sexual assault and abuse. According to CSA statistics, 20% – 25% of college women and 15% of college men are victims of forced sex during their time in college. We aim to promote resources for victims of sexual assault and abuse and take proactive steps to prevent sexual assault and abuse.

We are proud to be partnered with the Sexual Assualt Resource Center in Brazos Valley. "The Sexual Assault Resource Center's mission is to end the cycle of sexual violence in the Brazos Valley, TX through education, empowerment, and advocacy." 


We hope to spread awareness for SARCBV's mission and actively volunteer to help in any way we can. From clothing donation drives, volunteer service projects, to raising monetary donations we aim to support SARCBV so that they can continue their efforts within our community.

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sarcbv bake sale

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our impact

Every semester, we organize social media campaigns in relation to our philanthropy. With the goal to raise awareness about sexual assault and abuse, we create infographics, virtual Instagram stories, and share important resources. 

Furthermore, our Sorority raises funds for women's centers and non-profit organizations, such as SARCBV, through Instagram bingo cards. By supporting organizations that focus on helping survivors of sexual assault and abuse, we are able to make a significant impact in aiding their relief efforts.